Hydronomy's Product Evolution

Prototype 0.0

Proof of Concept

Brooklyn, NY | Apr 2017

“Our health ultimately pays the price of drinking water from aging pipes and polluted water sources”
- Brittany, Co-Founder

Prototype 0.1

Solar System Repair

New Rochelle, NY | Nov 2019

“As inhabitants of this planet it is our responsibility to combat the negligent abuse and waste of this resource.”
- Korey, Co-Founder

Prototype 1.0

New Testing Site

Jacksonville, FL | Apr 2019

Did you know:
Earth’s Water Source Portfolio:
96.54% Oceans
1.74% Ice Glaciers
1.69% Underground Aquifers
0.76% Lakes, Springs & Rivers

Prototype 1.1

Automate System Control

Jacksonville, FL | Jun 2019

“Its a huge task and challenge however, our team believes that true water sustainability is achieved when all players are aware of their wasteful habits and seek innovative solutions that mutually benefit the economy, public health, and environment. “
- Xavier, Co-Founder

Prototype 1.2

System Filtration Upgrade

Jacksonville, FL | May 2020

“Hydronomy finds purpose in enhancing the livelihoods of the most underserved and disenfranchised communities by means of empowerment through clean water access.”

Prototype 2.0

Hydronomy Upgrade

Jacksonville, FL | Jun 2020

  • Solar Powered
  • Exceeds EPA Safe Water Drinking Standards
  • Uses: Cleaning, Bathing, and Drinking
  • Serves a family of three