Water is Life

Our team of scientist, engineers, and public policy change makers are committed to disrupting the water industry with smart, equitable, and resilient solutions.

Environmental injustice is a plight of poverty, resulting from the negligent consumptive practices of the wealthy inhabitants of Earth.

The Hydronomy team finds great value in utilizing their privilege of premier education, influential access and abilities to alleviate the imminent water crisis which will impact all living beings, and disproportionately -communities of color.

We have witnessed and continue to witness these moments of perils as it pertains to water insecurity and scarcity. Drinking water contamination from Flint, MI, USA to the dwindling water supplies in Cape Town, South Africa are among the many daily reminders that our water resources will not outlive humanity.

It's a hard, and at times, sacred task to resolve. Confidently, Hydronomy is embolden to take up this matter because it needs to be done. So why not us.

Will you join us?

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